Aquarius horoscope january 6 birthday

Everyone wants to be understood and the key to understanding is to listen. To get people on your side, listen to other points of view before giving your own. People born on January 6 Zodiac are forever looking beneath the surface for meaning and significance in events.

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Although philosophical in their thinking, January 6 Zodiac people are extremely ambitious and goal orientated, tending eventually to get what they want in life.

Willing to work hard and dedicate themselves to their goals, those born on this day can overcome their natural shyness, introspection and gentleness when they are called to defend their convictions and their ideals. However, because they trust their instincts so much and believe that everything that happens to them has significance, there is a danger of them always rejecting alternative viewpoints and being labeled unrealistic, unreasonable and stubborn at times.

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The tendency to expect others to think like them can prove too challenging for those who are not as philosophically minded. They may deal with their hurt by rebelling against authority or indulging in irresponsible behavior, but later in life, around the age of forty-five, they learn that, although cathartic, constant rebellion can never be the whole answer.

Mercury enters Capricorn

It is important for them to find a place to express their wild side, but sport or work or study is often their savior because it provides the boundaries and calls upon the discipline they need to help them handle their emotions and channel their energies. At the end of the day, even when criticized or rejected, the idealism and honesty of people born on January 6 Zodiac never fails to shine through.

They can be extremely successful as designers, architects, or if they choose any form of artistic expression that seeks modern solutions. Tremolite is the perfect stone for those born on January 6th as a crystal to help activate new pathways in their brain and find solutions to problems that a person is stuck in for years.

It liberates one from their rigid or dogmatic views on faith and religion, opening their views towards a new state of spirituality and life outside of their common realm of existence.

The best gift for people born on this date will be a surprise itself. What they get should be modern, artistic, and filled with emotion, and even better if given to them several days before their actual birthday.

There is something quick and unexpected to their nature, and the most spontaneous reaction will come when surprised at an odd time.

Masters of symbolism, they will enjoy hand written notes, maps leading them to treasure, and anything with a hidden meaning to be discovered.

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Creative individuals, ahead of their time and aware of the needs of modern society, always social enough to create their own social circle. Humanitarian and concerned about wellbeing of others and the world, they will find freedom in accepting their own emotional nature. In constant inner conflict, going through a battle of their need to be free with their need for security.

There is a lot of stress to their existence and as freedom prevails, they tend to forget real friends they made along the way. Capricorn - traits, personality, dates, characteristics and astrological sign information. Capricorn man - information and insights on the Capricorn man.

January 6 Zodiac - Full Horoscope Personality

Now, this might sound like a very commendable trait, but in many cases this level of discipline, trustworthiness, and loyalty can actually burn people born on January 6. You have to remember that there are certain people in this planet you have no business being loyal to.

This applies across the board. Make sure you pick partners that truly deserve you. This extreme loyalty may, on the surface, seem very commendable. This is a very serious stumbling block, because you might find yourself in toxic relationships that you hang on to for far too long, seriously.

Learn the art of self-preservation. If you find yourself in too many imbalanced relationships, learn to let go.

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With that said, the earth can also be a trap. Mixed with water, the earth can produce mud or quicksand which can lead to death. They let their fear get the better of them. They hang on to toxic relationships for far too long.

They hang on to jobs and business prospects that turn out to be a total waste of their loyalty, focus, and energy. The main influence on January 6 people is Saturn. Saturn is a very powerful planet because it is all about order and stability. It enables people to draw a lot of strength during periods of great confusion, frustration, and panic.

Those born on the 6 th of January need to stick to the tried and proven way only to the extent that it is beneficial. I know this is probably going to cut against your mental habits.

January 6 Zodiac

This is probably going to even seem a little bit uncomfortable, but you need to do this. If you always focus on the same old, same old, chances are you are only going to end up narrowing the channels of success available to you. Whenever you stink steel beams into the ground and build your building on a solid bedrock, you can be sure that even the strongest earthquake will not knock down your building.

You already know that.