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Science behind Vastu Vaastu for Apartments. The face of Mahatma The seven types of faces Forehead reading. Curing diseases with gems. How to recite mantras. In the horoscope, the 2nd house represents family and happiness of the native.

So, when natural malefic Mars is posited in these houses, we can expect some disharmony in the affairs of these houses which leads to dissatisfaction in the married life and finally separation of the couple. Mars represents irritation, anger and impulsive nature.

Mars is so dynamic that he makes the person get into actions without thinking adequately. When anger predominates, we cannot think properly. Hence the decisions and actions taken will be generally wrong when Mars is active. Kuja dosha leads to separation of the couple.

Here separation may be due to one of the couple going abroad and staying there for a longer period.

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Separation can also represent the ill health of one of the couple because of which they cannot enjoy the conjugal bliss.

Sometimes Kuja dosha indicates death of the partner also. Kuja dosha should be reckoned from the Ascendant in the Rasi chart. Some texts say that we should count Kuja dosha from the Moon and Venus also.

If this is the case, there will not be any person without Kuja dosha. In Vedic Astrology, several texts mentioned various exceptions for Kuja dosha.

For example, 1 Kuja dosha does not exist when Mars is conjunct Jupiter or Moon. In this way the list will grow. But, in our experience, these exceptions are found to be invalid.

If we take these exceptions into account, then Kuja dosha will not exist in any horoscope.

These many exceptions are mentioned, probably to facilitate marriages in the society. A male born on April 3rd, at 8. The 2nd and 5th house lord Mercury representing family and love is in 12th.

Of course, 12th house represents secrets and bed comforts. This person loved a girl and married to her secretly in a temple. They started living together without their parents knowing about it. The marriage has taken place during December in Venus-Kethu sub period. The 7th house is occupied by Mars and Kethu. Since Kethu is with Mars, it also works like Mars and becomes responsible for marriage and later breaking the marriage.

During March , there was an argument between the couple over some trivial thing and his wife left the house without informing him. At that time, Sun-Jupiter sub period is running where both the Sun and Jupiter are enemies for his Ascendant.

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I got to know akashwani online and I got good predictions but I am yet to experience the predictions given by them and I m sure I will get good results based on their predictions. I was very confused about my brother is Mangalik or not. Than I contact with u guys and I get all of my answer. U provide some remedies for the dosh, it was very helpful.

The word manglik is a common word we hear when we study horoscopes. This signifies the impact and influence of the planet mangal or mars on the person. Why is mangal dosh checked during marriage horoscope matching? Manglik dosh affects various aspects of a person's life, but it mainly affects the marital status of the person.

Therefore, checking manglik dosh in a marriage horoscope, is important during kundali matching. If a manglik marries a non manglik, then they are likely to have a lot of arguments and disharmony between each other, which ultimately become a cause of bigger problems.

However, if two manglik persons get married to each other, the dosh is cancelled out. Firstly, marriage before the age of 30 is not recommended, else it may lead to a bad marriage. Intensity of this dosha reduces with age, hence astrologers recommend a late marriage.

However, the negative influence of the planet Mars, give mangliks a lot of fiery energy in themselves which has to be channelized properly to avoid destruction.

First house leads to problems between spouses, often becoming a cause of physical assaults and even separation. Second house causes serious disturbances and hurdles in both the personal as well as the professional life of the person.

Fourth house, makes one face a lot of financial and career related problems like frequent shifts in jobs, etc. The results and outcomes of all this will be such that it causes trouble to a person overall.

Seventh house is known to cause problems to the nature of the person. The person might become hot-tempered and irritable. This nature of aggression will lead to a lot of fights with family as well as friends. Eighth house will mean that the person will acquire a very lazy and callous attitude.

Twelfth house signifies chances of having many This can become a reason for mental illness and financial losses in the life of the person. Being manglik is an issue that is always overhyped and people can be taken advantage of in this aspect and made to go through very expensive poojas and rituals, which are unnecessary.

There is no cause of any fear or worry. This dosh can be treated and nullified, and one can go on to lead a normal and happy life, including a harmonious married life also.

Hence, not all is bad if a woman or even a man has mangal dosh.

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One can wait out the period of mangal dosh, continue with poojas and observances during the period and take steps to nullify its effects before marriage.

There are many manglik dosh solutions in astrology and many other factors are correlated to see in the janma kundali or during kundali milan to check the extent of mangal dosh. Hence, having mangal dosh is not bad and definitely no cause for alarm. With the right interpretation of an expert astrologer and counselling as needed, one can be ready for marriage at the right time.

Marriage and Mangal Dosha

When a manglik woman marries a manglik man, the effects are nullified, but this is usually difficult to achieve.

All its evil impacts are worn off and the two can have a harmonious and prosperous married life. A woman with mangal dosh is advised to do pooja of Lord Hanuman by chanting Hanuman chalisa and other stotras of Lord Hanuman. She is also advised to offer vermillion, and light a ghee lamp at the temple of Lord Hanuman on Tuesdays.

Giving of daan is always auspicious and favourable for negating ill-effects of planets. In the case of pleasing mangal or mars, the appropriate day is Tuesday. Items such as nourishment that is made of red lentil daals masoor daal , wheat bread, red silks, and red stones, for example, corals can all be offered.

Manglik people should chant the navgraha mantra to void the negative effects of mangal dosha. It is believed that reciting navgraha mantra pacifies the wrongly positioned mangal in one's horoscope and leads one to live a contented life thereafter.

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Special pooja 'Mangal Kavacham', 'Mangal Upasana', etc can be done to eliminate manglik dosha. Fasting on Tuesdays is likewise viewed as a successful cure. Some astrologers also recommend gemstones. To nullify the manglik dosh one can take the assistance of the red coral gemstone.

The red color brilliant coral stone astrologically affiliates with the planet Mars. It is believed that this stone preserves the positive powers emitted by the planet Mars within it. One should wear a natural certified red coral gemstone ring in the third finger of the right hand starting on Tuesday Morning. A manglik and non-manglik can cancel the ill effects of manglik dosha by performing a 'Kumbh Vivah' before the actual wedding.

A 'Kumbh Vivaah' is a wedding between a manglik and either a statue of Vishnu or a Peepal tree, a banana tree or a clay pot. Please Enter Your Email to proceed. Astrology for Manglik Dosha Everything you need to know to about manglik dosh — its astrological solutions and remedies Manglik solutions - Timing, Compatibility, Nearest Yoga, About the partner.

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I am confuse regarding Manglik. Clarify on the status. Will I have a love marriage or an arranged marriage? Long time in Love, Shall I go for Marriage. Manglik Dosh analysis for girl and boy. How will be our marriage compatibility. Long time in love.

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