Panchanan yoga in astrology

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Compared to previous three yogas, here planets will be dispersed in a chart. So the conflict between the planets is very less. The native with this yoga at birth will acquire wealth and agriculture land, truthful, virtuous, charitable.

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The person with this yoga will enjoy life, follow moral values, intellectual, will have big family and will be attached to the family especially wife, obsessed with material pursuits, skilled in various work, crafty. Daama Yoga — Sometimes it is referred to as Damini Yoga. Here all the planets will be occupied in six different houses. The person with Dama yoga will be generous, a king and benefactor, wealthy, liberal, compassionate, learned, earns through legitimate means, helpful to others.

Veena Yoga or Vallaki Yoga — When seven planets are distributed in seven different houses.

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Veena yoga is formed. This is the most auspicious yoga among Sankhya yogas. In the body he represents egoism anava , the power of action kriya-shakti , and the element of air.

Among the senses he is the sense of sight, and in the bodily organs, the feet. In individual images he is shown as red or lotus colored, adorned with red ornaments, with four hands, one holding a rosary and the second a hatchet.

The third and the fourth show the gestures of offering protection abhaya , and granting boons varada respectively. He is Sada Shiva, the eternal being, who manifests spontaneously sad yojata , and who is described as the granter of grace, leader of delight nanda and enjoyment sunanda.

He represents the power of liberating knowledge jnana shakti , and the element of space. In the body he represents the mind, the sense of taste, and according to some the sex organ. His color is white, the color sattva, or purity. In the panchanana form he represents the northern face.

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In the individual images he is shown as white colored, holding the Vedas and rosary in two hands and the other two showing the gestures of offering protection abhaya , and granting boons varada respectively.

He is also known Aghora the non-fearful one , who is battle-ready, and who is mentioned in the Vedas as the howler and father of the war gods Maruts and Rudras. His main function is destruction samhara. He represents the element fire, the power of desire iccha-shakti , the punitive power of the law dharma , the power of discrimination buddhi , the sense of hearing, and the organ of speech.

All these faculties are used in dispensing justice and enforcing the law as the lord of Dharma.

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His color is black or dark red. In the panchanana form he represents the southern face. In individual images he is shown as a fierce god with four faces and nine hands, holding ax, shield, elephant hook, noose, spear, skull, drum and rosary respectively.

The fivefold aspect of Shiva plays an important role in our lives, minds and bodies, and in our spiritual transformation.

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  • The Panchanana Aspects and Forms of Shiva?
  • The five functions of Shiva are responsible for our existence, continuation, transformation, purification and liberation. Therefore, contemplation upon the five forms will have a beneficial effect.

    Parajata yoga

    Featured Article 1 2 3 4. Hindu Way of Life. This essay describes the fivefold functions, aspects and forms of Shiva as represented in the Panchanana pancanana or Panchamukha Shiva Shiva occupies a prominent place in Hinduism.

    The five functions of Shiva The five functions of Shiva as the Supreme Lord of the universe are as stated below. The person enjoys happiness, health, wealth, and high-stature all his life. These three children are born as millionaires in the same rich family.

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    They are born with golden-spoons in their mouths. Nava-grahe pancha-raasi gathau, Pancha-anana yogamuchyathe; thatha raja-yogameva prayachathi.

    Examples are given in the following charts.

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